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January 26 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Buruli ulcer is a debilitating disease that affects thousands of people in tropical regions around the world. It is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium ulcerans and can cause severe tissue damage, resulting in large ulcers and other complications. While it is treatable, the disease can be difficult to diagnose and manage. One child who suffered from Buruli ulcer was a young boy named <b>Joshua</b> , in PAKRO, in the the eastern part of GHANA.  but his story has a happy ending.

Joshua was a bright and energetic child who lived in a small village in Parkro. He loved playing soccer with his friends and exploring the outdoors. But one day, Joshua noticed a small bump on his arm, right around his elbow that grew larger and more painful over time. His parents took him to the local herbalists and health clinic, where doctors diagnosed him with Buruli ulcer.

The diagnosis was a shock to Joshua’s family, as they had never heard of the disease before. They were told that Joshua needed immediate treatment, but that the treatment process could take months and would require multiple surgeries. Joshua’s mother was worried about the cost of the treatment and the impact it would have on their family’s livelihood.

Fortunately, Joshua’s case was identified by a IVISIONGHANA to support his situation with  Buruli ulcer. we provided financial assistance for his treatment and connected Joshua’s family with expert healthcare providers who could manage his care. Joshua was started on a course of antibiotics and received regular wound care from healthcare professionals.

Despite the challenges of managing his disease, Joshua remained optimistic and hopeful. He continued to play soccer and engage in other activities with his friends, and he received encouragement from his family and community. Over time, his ulcer began to heal and his pain subsided. After several months of treatment, today,  Joshua is declared cured of Buruli ulcer.

The successful outcome of Joshua’s case demonstrates the importance of early detection and treatment of Buruli ulcer. With access to quality healthcare and community support, support from our benefactors to children like Joshua can overcome the challenges of this debilitating disease. Joshua’s family and community have become advocates for Buruli ulcer awareness and continue to support others affected by the disease with IVISIONGHANA.


January 26
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Parkro Akuapim South
Parkro, Ghana + Google Map